100WC #19


Prompt: as it came rushing towards us we…

I was walking home from somewhere close when I went to the road. I turned my head back and fourth to make sure no cars were there, oh but did i mention i was with one of my friends and the road was clear until I heard car noises…

As it came rushing towards us we jumped as high as we could and we were safe, until another car came, but we were half way across the road and it was raining and fog started coming towards us when something hit us! We felt terrible, i knew it was a car.

Result: 101 words

100WC #18


I was playing around with my friends running around places like the playground and the sandpit. “I am beating you!” said one of my friends, “I AM GOING TO BEAT YOU AT THIS RACE IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO!” I said joking around.

“I am tired, I think I will just sit down.”Said my friend, “THIS IS MY CHANCE TO WIN THIS RACE!” I say out loud. “YOU WONT BEAT ME” my friend replies while getting up.

“OH NO! HE IS GOING TO RUN INTO ME!” I scream. “SORRY!” we both said to each other while laughing.


Result: 99 words


Charles – 5 facts of fiction

  1. The main character is Laurie, he tells his parents about a kid named Charles but in the end Laurie was Charles
  2. The character wants attention because he is talking about a kid named Charles but that character was actually himself.
  3. The character is successful until the end when they found out Laurie did all the bad stuff he mentioned to his parents.
  4. The character changes from naughty to nice and near the end he becomes naughty again.
  5. This is a world where a little kid is being naughty at school but they made it look like another kid was doing it but in the end the parents found out Lauren was being naughty and there was no kid named Charles in the school in the first place.

In the end Charles was only a young kid and learned his lesson that lying is not a good thing to do.

100WC #17


Prompt: Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

I was walking down the street when a random kid threw a watered balloon at me, “Jee that kid is annoying!” a few other kids said. Then a kid was playing with his whoopee cushion and all the kids played along saying “Ewwwww” but it was all a joke. A man was playing a violin on the street and people were paying him for his great talent. But I am just a normal kid wearing a scarlet shirt. That was until I realised I am only 10 and I have many years till I have a guaranteed talent, I just need to find one.

result: 103 words

Scarlet – A reddish coulor


100WC #16


prompt: but then the flash made me…

I was having fun on a roller coaster with all my friends it was a big roller coaster miles a second! but then the flash made me…

FALL OUT OF MY SEAT I WAS FLYING SO FAR UNTIL I LANDED ON SOME Gra… Oh wait I must have fell on grass but i did not get to finish my sentence! Well now all I could feel was embarrassment why? Well…

2 weeks later

“Welcome to the stupidest people show! Today we have a kid who fell off a roller coaster!”

Yeah, I went on a show being called stupid.

Result: 98 words

100WC #15


prompt: when all of a sudden

I was having fun until all of a sudden.. A CAR EXPLODED!!

I was shocked, it was just crazy. “Are you okay?” I asked the driver, oh wait there was no driver? “Hahaha! I just blew the car up with my awesome dynamite!” Said a random figure. “IT WAS YOU!” said the police arresting me, “NO IT WAS NOT ME! IT WAS THAT OTHER KID WITH THE DYNAMITE! NOT ME!” I replied. “The dynamite remains are next to you.” the police said. It was true, but it was not me

When all of a sudden.. I was put in jail.

Result: 100 WORDS!

100WC #14


I was on a ride by myself, alone. Until the horse came to life! It took off and we were stranded! I jumped off and let my horse take off so I went by myself trying to escape this place, but all I could do was start falling feeling like i was gonna die cause i had nothing with me, wasn’t my fault that I didn’t bring water, I was in a carnival after all! I just let myself drag along the floor I couldn’t feel myself anymore, I felt like I was gonna die!

It was only a dream.

result: 100 WORDS!!

Science Reflection


Ty and I did a project on the Thorny Devil, we did well at the diagram and making our points clear in the adaptations. We also did well on the powerpoint. We did very well on the model and had a good try on our science.

3 interesting facts: 1. The Thorny Devil squirts blood out of its eye! 2. They only grow up to 8 inches tall (20cm). 3. The Thorny Devil only lives in Australia.

2 understandings 1. They like black ants. 2. They are not endangered which is good.

1 wonder 1. Why are they called Thorny Devils?

I learnt that it was hard to work in a group because me and Ty didn’t cooperate very well and it often ended out worse than when it started. I will try to have a better choice next time I need to do something with a partner and make sure I make the right decision.

The Thorny Devil squirts blood out its eye and it lands on the other animal thinking it got hurt then it runs away.

Ty did the science part so I did not learn around that area.

I learned about how me and Ty worked in a group and that the thorny devil is a weird animal.

100WC #13


I was in the grave, they thought i was dead. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” I SCREAM. No one answered so I was most likely buried.


I was still in this stupid grave I really thought I was dead at this point. “I think a guy is in there!” a random person said. “YES I AM IN HERE GET ME OUT!” I heard them getting a shovel, I was getting out! They dug me out of the grave and I was able to escape! “Thank you, Thank you.” I said very calmly knowing I wasn’t going home as a dead body.


Result: 103 Words

BTN Anzac Day


ANZAC Day is probably Australia’s most important national commemoration. Ninety years ago Australian and New Zealand forces together began their first major military battle. Australia itself was a very young nation and it was fighting against a foreign army half way around the world in a place called Gallipoli. In a moment we’ll hear what it was like to be there, but first, lets find out about some of the basics.

Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

130000 people were killed on 2 sides including 11000 anzacs.

‘The Last Post’ is always played on Anzac day traditionally.

I understand it was tough to battle.

I understand many people died.

Why would they say they are celebrating the day?

How many survivors of WW1 are there?

This day is the day we respect all the people who served and died in the war, they did not die for anyone other than us so we should thank them. Lest We Forget.

Facts – Red  Beginning and End – Magenta  Understandings – Lime  Questions – Aqua