100 WC #38 (announcement)

  • Prompt: Make a new character for Night Zoo Keeper’s new book!

My new character is a donkey named Beb. Beb is magical and can fly just like Donkey at the beginning of Shrek. 

He can act like a police dog or, police donkey if you will, and he can help with many mysteries anywhere and at any time. He is a very helpful donkey when you need him and he is always loyal.

Beb is a Black Donkey with his magic being with his tail. Don’t wear him out though, he only limits to magic to those who are loyal, nice and in need. Yeah, did I mention he was really unique?

Result: 101 words

Announcement: I am going to colour the text in my 100 wc’s so i can make it more entertaining and have something different each time. Any feedback would be really awesome for the future of this blog.

BTN – Queensland Drought



Facts: 1. Lots of Queensland gets really hot and just last year, a drought nearly affected the whole state.

2. A drought is where there is little to no rain and it can last for years!

3. Kids in Queensland say that rain is like Christmas and each rain drop is like a present.

Questions: 1. Why do the kids need to suffer instead of having fun?

2. Why and how do droughts actually happen?

Understanding: I understand that in parts of the world rain is really rare and we just take rain for granted.

100WC #37 (Read Bottom First)


Prompt: ’when did it arrive?’ I said.

Billy went to get some fresh air when out of nowhere, someone was knocking on the door.

Billy went to pick up a.. box. Billy opened it and it was a knife, he put it back in the box because Billy didn’t order it, it must of been John, his roommate

John Said, ’when did it arrive?’ “It looks familiar” “Missty” Hissed the knife. John recognized it from when it nearly killed him. “Oh no, not again” He threw it out in the bin, but the knife hesitated and stabbed John when he had the chance, John wasn’t as lucky as last time though.

Result: 104 words.

If you did not already know this is a sequel to my last 100WC so I’d advise you read that first

BTN – Ring of Fire




Facts: 1. An earthquake from the pacific ocean caused a tsunami in Samoa.

2. An earthquake in Sumatra killed hundreds of people only 1 day after the one I mentioned in the first fact happened.

3. The ‘Ring of Fire’ is where most earthquakes happen. 

Questions: 1. Why are they different size earthquakes?

2. Why do the earthquakes mostly hit in the ‘Ring of Fire’?

Understanding: I understand that earthquakes are caused because the ground is red hot molten rock if you dig down enough, and because tectonic plates.


100 WC #36 (Announcement Included)



Goal: Be very descriptive and have dark humor

It was a dark night, Graves lying down in the moon light.

I found a knife, I Frantically picked it up, it had Crimson black handle. It was shouting out something, but it was very faint and all i could hear from the knife was “mzzzz” I leaned forward to have a better understanding to what it was saying. “Misty, where are you, Misty, is that you?” The knife kept saying the same phrase. I frantically put the knife down, “Misty! You betrayed me!” The knife shouted. I ran away as fast as I could but it was too late.. 😈😈


Announcement: I would just like to announce that I will continue from now on to put in the prompt for every 100wc, Just to let you know.

BTN – 5 Cent Change


Facts: 1. Canberra makes all the coins in Australia and want to remove the 5 cent coin because it costs 6 cents to make.

2. We stopped using 1 cent and 2 cent coins stopped being made in 1992 because it cost too much and the 5 cent is suffering the same fate.

3. The Australia mint can make up to 2 million coins a day.

Questions: 1. Why did they make them in the first place then if it costs too much to make?

2. Why do people still care about the 5 cent coin when it is practicality useless?

Understanding: I understand that the 5 cent coin is useless compared to what it used to be


100WC #35


I was visiting the woods one day with my gear to camp out for the night. I saw a big tree where I could camp in overnight. It would help me with making a camp fire and I can use it in case of an emergency!

I make my tent, make a campfire and went to sleep thinking nothing of the tree cause, it is a tree!

                                                                     LATER THAT NIGHT

The tree is moving with red legs forming out of the sticks! I notice, but I notice too late because the tree just threw me off a rocky cliff.


BTN Digital Footprint




Facts: 1. You Always leave a digital footprint wherever you go.

2. You are giving away your private information whenever you sign into social media.

3. Your information can be used for legal reasons, or because someone is tracking you down.

Questions: 1. Why do people this this nearly everywhere you go?

2. How do we not notice this stuff more?

Understanding: I understand that your digital footprint can accsess you private info for good, or bad reasons.

100WC #34


Me and George were in the cross country and we were running 3km. We were running all the older kids at school.

We were around 2km into the cross country and we were trying our hardest to beat as many people as we could we were 4th and 5th and we were only about 10m away from the top 3 but we tried our hardest.

I brought up a conversation with George “Although we ran quickly, we were still not making enough progress…” He agreed, but we knew races were not all about winning, it is about how hard you try.

Holidays Reading Reflection


On the holidays I read a few articles about my intrests.

The stuff I read was about Shrek, Donkey and Eminem. I read about the origins of the characters, ad the life of Eminem. Did you know, Shrek was original from a book in 1990 called Shrek! and from there we have got 4 Shrek movies with a 5th coming out next year.

I also found out about the life of Eminem and his childhood and how he got famous.

My opinion is that these articles were useful because they taught me alot about the topic I wanted to know about.

The evidence I have is that I learnt that Shrek came a book and Eminem was put in a coma for a week when he was only 9 and I never knew that.