100WC #14


I was on a ride by myself, alone. Until the horse came to life! It took off and we were stranded! I jumped off and let my horse take off so I went by myself trying to escape this place, but all I could do was start falling feeling like i was gonna die cause i had nothing with me, wasn’t my fault that I didn’t bring water, I was in a carnival after all! I just let myself drag along the floor I couldn’t feel myself anymore, I felt like I was gonna die!

It was only a dream.

result: 100 WORDS!!

Science Reflection


Ty and I did a project on the Thorny Devil, we did well at the diagram and making our points clear in the adaptations. We also did well on the powerpoint. We did very well on the model and had a good try on our science.

3 interesting facts: 1. The Thorny Devil squirts blood out of its eye! 2. They only grow up to 8 inches tall (20cm). 3. The Thorny Devil only lives in Australia.

2 understandings 1. They like black ants. 2. They are not endangered which is good.

1 wonder 1. Why are they called Thorny Devils?

I learnt that it was hard to work in a group because me and Ty didn’t cooperate very well and it often ended out worse than when it started. I will try to have a better choice next time I need to do something with a partner and make sure I make the right decision.

The Thorny Devil squirts blood out its eye and it lands on the other animal thinking it got hurt then it runs away.

Ty did the science part so I did not learn around that area.

I learned about how me and Ty worked in a group and that the thorny devil is a weird animal.

100WC #13


I was in the grave, they thought i was dead. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” I SCREAM. No one answered so I was most likely buried.


I was still in this stupid grave I really thought I was dead at this point. “I think a guy is in there!” a random person said. “YES I AM IN HERE GET ME OUT!” I heard them getting a shovel, I was getting out! They dug me out of the grave and I was able to escape! “Thank you, Thank you.” I said very calmly knowing I wasn’t going home as a dead body.


Result: 103 Words

BTN Anzac Day


ANZAC Day is probably Australia’s most important national commemoration. Ninety years ago Australian and New Zealand forces together began their first major military battle. Australia itself was a very young nation and it was fighting against a foreign army half way around the world in a place called Gallipoli. In a moment we’ll hear what it was like to be there, but first, lets find out about some of the basics.

Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

130000 people were killed on 2 sides including 11000 anzacs.

‘The Last Post’ is always played on Anzac day traditionally.

I understand it was tough to battle.

I understand many people died.

Why would they say they are celebrating the day?

How many survivors of WW1 are there?

This day is the day we respect all the people who served and died in the war, they did not die for anyone other than us so we should thank them. Lest We Forget.

Facts – Red  Beginning and End – Magenta  Understandings – Lime  Questions – Aqua 

100WC #12


In the flash of lightening I saw a figure, it wasn’t very clear. “What was that?,” I asked myself, it did not answer. I was confused I thought it was planning to kill me! I was so scared I ran into my room and hid my existence under the blanket, “I am safe.” I say in my mind. 

“I’m going to find you!,” a figure said, “I was right he was a murderer.” I Think in my mind. I was scared for my life, I peaked through, he found me, but he was just one of my boring old friends.

Result: 100 WORDS AGAIN!!

Prompt: In the flash of lightening I saw…

BTN Wipe Out Waste


100WC #11


“DINNERS READY!,” Mum exclaims. “What do we have for dinner today Mum?,” I asked. “Burgers!,” my Mum says. “Mmmm my favorite cheese burgers! I love them to death!,” I say in my thoughts. 

We get on the table, I wait for the burger and start eating, “Wait, why are there 2 pieces of paper here?,” I ask, Mum replies, “I do not know! Let me get them out of the way.” But when that happened, the paper was like water! Hands slowly reach out, “Uh oh!,” I say in my mind. “Too late, the hands already ate it?!,” I say with confusion.

Result: 101 words


BTN Social Media Agreements


A new survey has found 53% of kids aged between 8 and 13 use Instagram even though you are not actually allowed to until after you turn 13. That rule is just one of many written in most social media sites’ terms and conditions – that huge document that you have to say you’ve read before you can sign up. But what else is in there? Well, experts say most terms and conditions pages are way too complex for kids to understand, so they’re campaigning for a change.

Lots of kids don’t know what they are agreeing to.

Kids don’t the dangers that could happen online and how it can get to the point when they finds so much info about you that you could get killed from it.

53% of kids aged between 8 and 13 use Instagram.

Why are people so cruel here online?

Is it hard to make a living off of the internet?

How can people track where you live without giving it out?

I understand that anything can happen on the internet.

I understand how there are bad people on the internet.

I know how may people on the internet can avoid the terms of service by doing stuff that are illegal and how we need to be careful of what we are agreeing to, because agreeing to the terms of service is like signing a contract. 


Key: Facts = Red 

Questions = Aqua 

Understandings = Green

Beginning and End = Magenta     

100WC #10



I went to the swamp where there was a bunch of Wide Orange Crocodiles Within our way,  ”What big teeth and mouth you have!,” I say to the crocodile. I waved my hand out near it’s mouth and it chomped my hand just when my hand Collapsed off my body, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!,” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

No hope, it was gone, my hand I had for my whole life, gone. I was depressed because I lost it after all I went through! “Welp I am lucky it was my right hand.” I said knowing i was left handed.


Result: 101 words