Thank You


I would just like to thank you for helping me get to 1,000 pageviews on my blog! This is a big achievement for me and my blog. Lets compare this to 1,000 people, this amount of people could not even fit in a indoor swimming pool! Now I do not think this is a big achievement for you, but it certainly atleast put a smile on my face when I saw it, all I need to say is Thank You.

You have done your part on this journey and so have I.

Charles – 5 facts of fiction

  1. The main character is Laurie, he tells his parents about a kid named Charles but in the end Laurie was Charles
  2. The character wants attention because he is talking about a kid named Charles but that character was actually himself.
  3. The character is successful until the end when they found out Laurie did all the bad stuff he mentioned to his parents.
  4. The character changes from naughty to nice and near the end he becomes naughty again.
  5. This is a world where a little kid is being naughty at school but they made it look like another kid was doing it but in the end the parents found out Lauren was being naughty and there was no kid named Charles in the school in the first place.

In the end Charles was only a young kid and learned his lesson that lying is not a good thing to do.

Science Reflection


Ty and I did a project on the Thorny Devil, we did well at the diagram and making our points clear in the adaptations. We also did well on the powerpoint. We did very well on the model and had a good try on our science.

3 interesting facts: 1. The Thorny Devil squirts blood out of its eye! 2. They only grow up to 8 inches tall (20cm). 3. The Thorny Devil only lives in Australia.

2 understandings 1. They like black ants. 2. They are not endangered which is good.

1 wonder 1. Why are they called Thorny Devils?

I learnt that it was hard to work in a group because me and Ty didn’t cooperate very well and it often ended out worse than when it started. I will try to have a better choice next time I need to do something with a partner and make sure I make the right decision.

The Thorny Devil squirts blood out its eye and it lands on the other animal thinking it got hurt then it runs away.

Ty did the science part so I did not learn around that area.

I learned about how me and Ty worked in a group and that the thorny devil is a weird animal.



On Tuesday morning, Australia’s population will officially tick over 24 million people. It’s a big milestone so we thought we’d use the occasion to find out how Australia’s population has grown in the past and whether it will continue to grow into the future.

We reached 24 million Australians on the 16th of May 2016.

As of writing this Australia has a population of 24,592,360.

We will have 35 million people in Australia by 2035.

Why don’t we just appreciate this moment and not get worried about it? You know china has 1,388,232,693 people living on it!

Why did the Australian population triple during the gold rush other than the money?

I understand that this would affect people.

I understand that we get more newborns than deaths (which is good).

We all are a community and a country and this is only helping it to grow.

Key: Facts – Red.

Start/End – Magenta

Questions – Aqua

Understandings – Lime 


100 WC #6


Prompt: Who are they? Where are they going? What is the setting?

What would it feel like to walk through a wall?


One stormy night I was at home, I saw two men. I asked to myself, “who are they?”

They just stood up quietly I asked them, “What would it feel like to walk through a wall?”

They answered “It would be painful for you little “HUMANS” but for us we are used to it.” They just left, I asked to myself  “Where are they going?” but they were not there to answer. “I think they are aliens.” I said in my head.

You may have asked What is the setting? Answer: The setting is my house.

Anyways see you in the next one!

Result: 103 words


Camp 100 WC


We went underwater with snorkels. There were dark and white fish surrounding the sea.And at any moment a rock come right at you and collide with you and you get a damaged head…

THEN YOU DIE!! Oh, i went a bit too far, you might just get a sore head for a couple of hours.

Then we went in a deep dark cage with even more fish i had seen in my life! There were metal bars we used to hold on!

In the end snorkeling was my favorite activity and I was even called a human fish!

And I’m happy for that.

SRC Letter


I would like to be considered for the important role of Student Representative Council 2017.

I believe that I can make a difference by expressing new ideas on how to improve our school, not only for this year, but for many years to come.

Should I be elected, I promise to be a good listener and always be open and honest with each and everyone of you.

Given the opportunity, I will listen to you, my fellow classmates and work hard to have your concerns heard. I would be honored and proud to represent you Libby and all of 5/6A.

Vote Stav!!!

My Holidays


To Libby

I have the best family ever! My Mum, My Dad, my Brother (George) and Me!

My Mum: My mum is amazing she took me to the movies on the Holidays and watched a movie called “Sing” and the movie was so great! We also spent almost all of the holidays together!

My Dad: My Dad is the best! On the Holidays we went to the movies (at a different time than going with Mum) and we went to the Arcade. We played lots of amazing games and won lots of tickets!

George: My Brother George is the best brother i could ask for! He was with me the whole time on the holidays and were being cheeky together by playing around and being silly.

Me: I had lots of fun on the holidays. i went to the beach, the arcade, play dates ect. I was relaxing at home a lot on the holidays and doing my hobbies! I played with my cousins a lot of the time and i had a fun time doing it! I had THE BEST HOLIDAYS EVER!!!!!!

My holidays where very fun! I went to the beach with my family and we did lots of swimming, I saw a few of my cousins at the beach and we were playing together all the time! I went to Philip Island for 2 days and I went to Saint Leonard’s for 1 day at Saint Leonard’s we went and saw a shipwreck, It looked so cool!

On Christmas day I spent time with my family at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I saw a couple of my cousins there, and i got lots of presents! at home I also opened presents at home and i liked them!

I got Kinetic Sand, Pokemon toys, ect. Over all Christmas day was very amazing and exiting!

That was my Holidays, hope you enjoyed reading about it!

From Stav

100 Word Challenge-Practice


Promt: Skipping, Fun, Picnic, Horror, Dirt


I was skipping with skipping rope and then a piece of dirt suddenly grew bigger and bigger. I was shocked in horror, a zombie came out of the ground!

“Hello welcome to your doom!” the Zombie said.

“Don’t kill me i was trying to have a fun picnic!” I explained.