BTN – Don’t Panic


Facts: 1. 2 families tested how they would do in a naturual disaster and the kids did better in some ways.

2. It is hard to think straight when worried because you are in danger and often you don’t listen to instructions clearly.

3. The kids did better because they have been thought about natural disasters at school and they are more familiar with them.

Questions: 1. Why did they choose these families?

2. Did they risk setting their house on fire in real life?

Understanding: I understand that natural disasters make you go crazy and that kids have more knowledge of them because they were taught about them in school more recently than the adults. 

100 WC #42


Prompt: however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…


She was having a test, if she had kept the same pase for the last few questions she would have completed the test with 3 minutes to spare to check over her questions. however, she was stressed out and started to panic. however, she couldn’t believe what she had done… She rushed and ended up scribbling all over her page! She also screamed and was kicked out of the class, when the results came around she got an F on the test. She should of thought more carefully, “What have I done?!” She asked herself.

Result: 94 words

Herald Sun Kids – People flee as Hawaii’s erupting volcano destroys homes and sends lava, toxic gas into the air


Facts: 1. Hawaii has a volcano going on when at the time this text were written, 26 homes had been destroyed and sadly it is just counting up.

2. On the south side of the volcano an earthquake happened that was so strong, it was the largest one in 43 years, in comparison, that is longer than the time Super Mario Brothers have existed, by 10 years!

3. The lava can reach huge temperatures of 1150 degrees Celsius!  

Questions: 1. Why is it that these happen so randomly?

2. Why did the guy leave a car there to burn in the volcano?

Understanding: I understand that in other places of the world it is harder to live in because things like this happen

100 WC #36 (Announcement Included)



Goal: Be very descriptive and have dark humor

It was a dark night, Graves lying down in the moon light.

I found a knife, I Frantically picked it up, it had Crimson black handle. It was shouting out something, but it was very faint and all i could hear from the knife was “mzzzz” I leaned forward to have a better understanding to what it was saying. “Misty, where are you, Misty, is that you?” The knife kept saying the same phrase. I frantically put the knife down, “Misty! You betrayed me!” The knife shouted. I ran away as fast as I could but it was too late.. 😈😈


Announcement: I would just like to announce that I will continue from now on to put in the prompt for every 100wc, Just to let you know.

Holidays Reading Reflection


On the holidays I read a few articles about my intrests.

The stuff I read was about Shrek, Donkey and Eminem. I read about the origins of the characters, ad the life of Eminem. Did you know, Shrek was original from a book in 1990 called Shrek! and from there we have got 4 Shrek movies with a 5th coming out next year.

I also found out about the life of Eminem and his childhood and how he got famous.

My opinion is that these articles were useful because they taught me alot about the topic I wanted to know about.

The evidence I have is that I learnt that Shrek came a book and Eminem was put in a coma for a week when he was only 9 and I never knew that.

Goals Check Up


What I want to learn:

I want to learn about writing more professional stories and by the end of the term I want to be able to make my longest story yet. (My longest story was over 1300 words.) I also want to learn about enjoying my reading because at the moment I don’t like doing it.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

I can use the writing process to help with my writing.

I can read about my intrests

How I learn and behave:

I want to be engaged with the work and not act like a couch potato. I want to be kind and helpful to my fellow classmates.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Put more effort into my work and learning. Be helpful and use the school values to meet my goals.

Goals Check Up: I think I was able to control my emotions better this term than most of the time. I think I could still make my emotions more positive and I think that this term I can realise how bad a situation is when I really need to and sometimes I should think, Is this situation bad enough to get a tantrum over?

I think my reading and writing could be improved and I should work a bit more on homework when needed. 

I think I can improve on my goals this term by being more flexible with negative emotions and always try to be positive even if something goes wrong. So far I think I did well with this goal and showed that I was a more kind and friendlier person than people made me out to be.

I think with reading and writing I may of actually decreased my state of them. I could maybe read a bit more and try harder during my reading and writing sessions by listening to the teacher more, getting more engaged with what I am reading, EG. Read about what I like, and for my writing I think I can do more with putting more effort in my personal writing and not getting distracted by my fellow friends and classmates unless it is necessary. 

I think I have worked well on my behavior and have achieved more than I expected. 

I think I have to achieve more with my reading and writing and have not achieved too much. 


Government Letter


Dear Mum,

The Australian Government is very interesting! We learned that Parliament is where the elected politicians go to make laws, Democracy is a way of Government where citizens get to vote, and we get freedom of speech! It is the one Australia Uses.

We learned about the three forms of government in Australia are Federal, Local and State\Territory

And the last thing is that A Prime Minister is the leader of the Australian Government and makes the rules for the leading liberal party.

Hope you enjoyed reading what we did in our lesson!

But I have one question for you, When is the next election?