BTN – Cape Town Water Crisis



Facts: 1. Just the sight of rain excites people in cape town.

2. They think by June 4th will be the day taps will be turned off in their location because of a huge drought happening, this is called day 0.

3. They get 50L a day which sounds like a lot, but can’t even get you through 1 normal day.

Questions: 1. Why do droughts happen in the first place?

2. Has day 0 happened yet? Since they said it would be June 4th and it is June 10th.

Understanding: I understand that Cape Town is in need of rain and they get restricted to a very low amount each day.

Herald Sun Kids – A huge rip in the ground has scientists suggesting Africa is starting to split in two


Facts: 1. Africa may split into 2 in the next millions of years.

2. It broke hospital windows, it flooded entire neighborhoods and it closed off major highways.

3. It has been proven you cannot stop a geological process because it occurs deep in the earths crust. 

Questions: 1. Why are people worried about it if it happens in millions of years?

2. Why did it just start all of a sudden?

Understanding: I understand that in millions of years Africa will possibly split into two.

BTN – Australia’s Population Future


Facts: 1. A baby is born in Australia every 104 seconds, or 1 minute and 44 seconds.

2. By 2050, Melbourne’s population will skyrocket to 8 million people!

3. They need to add 90,000 students to schools in the next 5 years in Canberra alone!

Questions: 1. Won’t it be harder to find jobs if there is more people? 

2. What will the population for the whole country be in 50 years?

Understanding: I understand that Australia is not getting any smaller and many people join the country every year

BTN – Queensland Drought


Facts: 1. Lots of Queensland gets really hot and just last year, a drought nearly affected the whole state.

2. A drought is where there is little to no rain and it can last for years!

3. Kids in Queensland say that rain is like Christmas and each rain drop is like a present.

Questions: 1. Why do the kids need to suffer instead of having fun?

2. Why and how do droughts actually happen?

Understanding: I understand that in parts of the world rain is really rare and we just take rain for granted.

BTN – Ring of Fire



Facts: 1. An earthquake from the pacific ocean caused a tsunami in Samoa.

2. An earthquake in Sumatra killed hundreds of people only 1 day after the one I mentioned in the first fact happened.

3. The ‘Ring of Fire’ is where most earthquakes happen. 

Questions: 1. Why are they different size earthquakes?

2. Why do the earthquakes mostly hit in the ‘Ring of Fire’?

Understanding: I understand that earthquakes are caused because the ground is red hot molten rock if you dig down enough, and because tectonic plates.


BTN – 5 Cent Change


Facts: 1. Canberra makes all the coins in Australia and want to remove the 5 cent coin because it costs 6 cents to make.

2. We stopped using 1 cent and 2 cent coins stopped being made in 1992 because it cost too much and the 5 cent is suffering the same fate.

3. The Australia mint can make up to 2 million coins a day.

Questions: 1. Why did they make them in the first place then if it costs too much to make?

2. Why do people still care about the 5 cent coin when it is practicality useless?

Understanding: I understand that the 5 cent coin is useless compared to what it used to be


BTN Digital Footprint



Facts: 1. You Always leave a digital footprint wherever you go.

2. You are giving away your private information whenever you sign into social media.

3. Your information can be used for legal reasons, or because someone is tracking you down.

Questions: 1. Why do people this this nearly everywhere you go?

2. How do we not notice this stuff more?

Understanding: I understand that your digital footprint can accsess you private info for good, or bad reasons.

BTN History Of Voting


Facts: 1. Back in the 1800’s ladies were not aloud to vote, men thought they were to emotional to have a say.

2. Indigenous Australians were not aloud to vote in federal elections until 1949 and that was for only the ones that served in the army. It was only in 1962 when all the people were aloud to vote.

3. Up until 1973 voting in Australia was a responsibility for people 21 and over. 

Questions: 1. Why were people so cruel back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s

2. Why do a lot of people not appreciate what they got after what everyone fought for the rights to vote?

Understanding: I understand that up until 1962 lots of people were left out from voting and even until 1973 you had to be 21 to vote. Now people thing we should have 16 and 17 year olds vote now, only time will tell what will happen.

Voting age BTN


Facts: 1. At the age of 16 you can apply for a lot of things and some can help with the Australian Government

2. You need to be 18 to vote in Australia. Some people think it should be 16.

3. Bill Shorten thinks if 16, 17 year olds can vote, then it will get them into politics in future.

Questions: 1. Why would they let 16 year olds vote if they know they are not the most reliable people?

2. Will this law come into place any time soon?

An Understanding I had was that Bill Shorten is very careful with what he does 

BTN Levels Of Government


Facts – 1. The Three types of government are state, local and federal. Federal is the whole country, state is a state, and local is like a city.

2. There are over 500 local governments all across Australia.

3. Up until 1901 Australia’s governments were not as civilized as they are today. The government nearly didn’t exist up until that point.

Questions – 1. Why did it take till 1901 for the government made an agreement?

What part is Malcolm Turnbul part of?

Understanding – I understand that federal makes the final decision.