BTN – Coding School


Code: Red is facts, Blue is Questions and Green is wondering

Fact 1: They are officially the first school in the country to do this by there own. They are fortunate because they get a step up for the future. 

Fact 2: They have 7 official games on the app store for the world to play by the time they uploaded the video, probably have more now since tech is very, well, high tech!

Fact 3: Kids want to use this in the future for becoming there jobs and making a living off of it. Very modern if you ask me!

Question 1: How has the world become so high tech and modern that it is simple enough for kids to use it? 

Question 2: How does the whole thing work and how long does it take? Would people be able to learn about it in days, or does it take many months to do this process?

Wondering: I wonder if all schools will have this in the next few years, if so, will it be at a high cost and will only the wealthy be able to access this?  

BTN – Let the Electricity Flow


Fact 1: Steven Grey built a wooden frame with 2 strings. 

Fact 2: Steven Grey made a boy go on the machines 2 swings with golden leaves next to him, he charged the board with connected wire, the leaves moved.

Fact 3: The silk rope stopped the electricity move.

Question 1: How long did it take to make the electricity move, the swings and the silk?

Question 2: How did the silk stop it all? 

Wondering: I wonder how Steven had such a creative brain. 

BTN Anzac Day


ANZAC Day is probably Australia’s most important national commemoration. Ninety years ago Australian and New Zealand forces together began their first major military battle. Australia itself was a very young nation and it was fighting against a foreign army half way around the world in a place called Gallipoli. In a moment we’ll hear what it was like to be there, but first, lets find out about some of the basics.

Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

130000 people were killed on 2 sides including 11000 anzacs.

‘The Last Post’ is always played on Anzac day traditionally.

I understand it was tough to battle.

I understand many people died.

Why would they say they are celebrating the day?

How many survivors of WW1 are there?

This day is the day we respect all the people who served and died in the war, they did not die for anyone other than us so we should thank them. Lest We Forget.

Facts – Red  Beginning and End – Magenta  Understandings – Lime  Questions – Aqua 

BTN Wipe Out Waste


BTN Social Media Agreements


A new survey has found 53% of kids aged between 8 and 13 use Instagram even though you are not actually allowed to until after you turn 13. That rule is just one of many written in most social media sites’ terms and conditions – that huge document that you have to say you’ve read before you can sign up. But what else is in there? Well, experts say most terms and conditions pages are way too complex for kids to understand, so they’re campaigning for a change.

Lots of kids don’t know what they are agreeing to.

Kids don’t the dangers that could happen online and how it can get to the point when they finds so much info about you that you could get killed from it.

53% of kids aged between 8 and 13 use Instagram.

Why are people so cruel here online?

Is it hard to make a living off of the internet?

How can people track where you live without giving it out?

I understand that anything can happen on the internet.

I understand how there are bad people on the internet.

I know how may people on the internet can avoid the terms of service by doing stuff that are illegal and how we need to be careful of what we are agreeing to, because agreeing to the terms of service is like signing a contract. 


Key: Facts = Red 

Questions = Aqua 

Understandings = Green

Beginning and End = Magenta     

BTN Hand Writing


Times have changed and so have schools. 

Was it made accidentally or was it on purpose?

How did people do this type of writing thousands of years ago?

I understand how people change styles and ways over the years.

I understand that kids like computers and typing.

At the end of the day we are all human and can do what we think is best for us, and this is what Finland think is best for them.

Start and end = Purple 

Facts = Red 

Questions = Blue/Aqua

Understandings = Green/Lime

BTN: Missing School


KEY: Facts Questions Understanding

Now for a serious question. Should students be forced to go to school on their birthday? That’s the question being asked after one principal in Tasmania banned kids from having the day off on their birthday saying it’s not a good enough reason to stay home.

Fact 1: Kids want to take the day off school on their birthday to celebrate the anniversary of their birth.

Fact 2: Some schools state that taking school off cause its their birthday is not a vital reason to stay home.

Fact 3: Kids have mixed opinions of this decision.

Question 1: Why do they need to ban it?

Question 2: What if students are sick on their birthday?

Understanding 1: I understand that teachers have different opinions than children. 

Understanding 2: I understand that different counties have different laws and opinions.

At the end of the day everyone is untitled to their own opinion and can choose what they believe is the best for them.

BTN Anh Do


He’s brother almost died because a pirate threatened to drown his brother in sea.

Anh was born in Vietnam.

He’s dad was a sapper who supplied landmines for anzacs. 

I understand that Ahn Do had to stay in sea for 5 days toget from Vietnam to Australia.

I understand that he is one of Australia’s best comedians.

Is his comedy for kids?

What kind of comedy does he do?

KEY: questions,facts,understanding

BTN Federation Explained


Keys: Facts Questions Understandings

The Aboriginals were not treated right until 1971.

If one of the Dutch people stayed in Australia we could of all have been speaking Dutch right now!

Australia wasn’t considered an actual country until 1901

Why were the white people so racist to the aboriginals? 

Why did men have more power over women back then?

I understand that aboriginals are humans like the rest of us and have their right to be in Australia’s land.

I understand that aboriginals have been in Australia for over 40,000 YEARS!!/media/1961881/federation-explained

History homework #2


They had a hospital prison that made people die.

They were really strict with the laws back then.

you could be hung, transported or go to prison for doing crimes.

I understand back then they were tough times.

I understand that lots of laws stayed till this day.

Why would they arrest kid instead of the adult?

How many kids committed crimes back then?