100WC #41


Prompt: Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge


I was playing a game with my friends where you try to spin around for the longest without falling. We were 20 minutes in, I think my friends were trying to tell me something but I was starting to hallucinate.

I saw a pink sky, a huge amount of daffodils and I felt like I was walking on a bridge. It felt like I was in another world. I do not know if I was unconscious or I was playing games at this point.

I have to sprinkle a little bad though, I stopped spinning and saw barf on my face.

Result: 100 words


100 WC #40!




One day, John walked into the woods. He was frightened for his life when he saw a green ball with spikes! It had a face, “What the hell are you?!” asked John. “What do you mean? I am the leader of the world! Since you have disrespected me, I shall make you do community service!” replied the monster.


“Can I stop cleaning?” asked John. “No, not until I tell you to stop!” replied the monster. “Hey! You green ball thingy, you’re under arrest for false judgment in front of a poor little child!” explained a cop.

After that, he never committed a crime again.

Result: 105 words

100 WC #39


Prompt: but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I was at the spc at school setting up the disco for 100’s of people!

“Make sure you put 6 balloons on each side. That’s it!” Said the principal. “Sure I’ll ‘try'” I replied. I went to put 7 balloons on the first side. 5 on the second, 9 on the third side, and finally, 12 balloons on the last side!

The disco came around and as the first song was playing the balloons started to fly away! People got hurt and some even injured! “HEY! I SAID 6 BALLOONS ON EACH SIDE!” angrily screamed the principal. “but I didn’t ‘understand’ the ‘instructions’…” I replied.

Result: 99 words.


(The words with ‘one speech mark’ was indicating I was sarcastic.)

100 WC #38 (announcement)

  • Prompt: Make a new character for Night Zoo Keeper’s new book!

My new character is a donkey named Beb. Beb is magical and can fly just like Donkey at the beginning of Shrek. 

He can act like a police dog or, police donkey if you will, and he can help with many mysteries anywhere and at any time. He is a very helpful donkey when you need him and he is always loyal.

Beb is a Black Donkey with his magic being with his tail. Don’t wear him out though, he only limits to magic to those who are loyal, nice and in need. Yeah, did I mention he was really unique?

Result: 101 words

Announcement: I am going to colour the text in my 100 wc’s so i can make it more entertaining and have something different each time. Any feedback would be really awesome for the future of this blog.

100WC #37 (Read Bottom First)


Prompt: ’when did it arrive?’ I said.

Billy went to get some fresh air when out of nowhere, someone was knocking on the door.

Billy went to pick up a.. box. Billy opened it and it was a knife, he put it back in the box because Billy didn’t order it, it must of been John, his roommate

John Said, ’when did it arrive?’ “It looks familiar” “Missty” Hissed the knife. John recognized it from when it nearly killed him. “Oh no, not again” He threw it out in the bin, but the knife hesitated and stabbed John when he had the chance, John wasn’t as lucky as last time though.

Result: 104 words.

If you did not already know this is a sequel to my last 100WC so I’d advise you read that first

100WC #35


I was visiting the woods one day with my gear to camp out for the night. I saw a big tree where I could camp in overnight. It would help me with making a camp fire and I can use it in case of an emergency!

I make my tent, make a campfire and went to sleep thinking nothing of the tree cause, it is a tree!

                                                                     LATER THAT NIGHT

The tree is moving with red legs forming out of the sticks! I notice, but I notice too late because the tree just threw me off a rocky cliff.


100WC #34


Me and George were in the cross country and we were running 3km. We were running all the older kids at school.

We were around 2km into the cross country and we were trying our hardest to beat as many people as we could we were 4th and 5th and we were only about 10m away from the top 3 but we tried our hardest.

I brought up a conversation with George “Although we ran quickly, we were still not making enough progress…” He agreed, but we knew races were not all about winning, it is about how hard you try.

100 WC #33


Goal: Experiment with new words

I was coming home from a long day of school, trying to find my dad so I could talk to him. My mum was not home, nor was my dad either…

I saw the unlocked door leading to the backyard, I see if my dad is in the garage and he was not there, then I heard a familiar voice. “Hey I am stuck up here!” all I could see was my dad on the roof. “But how you get up there?” I ask. He explains what happens and tells me that he was working on the roof and the ladder fell. I picked up the ladder and he got down safely.

Result: 112 Words (I tried)

100 WC #32


Goal: Work on punctuation


Cups from my kitchen somehow walked on the ground by themselves, they were picking me and the locals up!

“So guys I think we should just jump out of here.” Said one of the locals, we all tried, nothing happened other than the cups started to shield us, almost like a force field. “I have an idea, lets just break the cups!” I say, even thought it was my cups that we were breaking, I had to spare our lives.

We all bashed our ways out and we all survived just like a fairy tale.

Result: 103 Words


100 WC #31


I was watching a news report on Donald Trump and I was mad because he was not treating his country right…

Suddenly I thought ‘but what is I was in charge?’ I thought about it and here were some of the things I would do if I lead a country or government.

I would, do a 3 million dollar money drop every fortnight, I would make Shrek the national thing and if you didn’t have a poster of Shrek in your house, you would be punished, and finally, I would bring peace to all.

Well that was a good day dream…

100 Words