BTN – Don’t Panic


Facts: 1. 2 families tested how they would do in a naturual disaster and the kids did better in some ways.

2. It is hard to think straight when worried because you are in danger and often you don’t listen to instructions clearly.

3. The kids did better because they have been thought about natural disasters at school and they are more familiar with them.

Questions: 1. Why did they choose these families?

2. Did they risk setting their house on fire in real life?

Understanding: I understand that natural disasters make you go crazy and that kids have more knowledge of them because they were taught about them in school more recently than the adults. 

100 WC #42


Prompt: however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…


She was having a test, if she had kept the same pase for the last few questions she would have completed the test with 3 minutes to spare to check over her questions. however, she was stressed out and started to panic. however, she couldn’t believe what she had done… She rushed and ended up scribbling all over her page! She also screamed and was kicked out of the class, when the results came around she got an F on the test. She should of thought more carefully, “What have I done?!” She asked herself.

Result: 94 words

BTN – Cape Town Water Crisis



Facts: 1. Just the sight of rain excites people in cape town.

2. They think by June 4th will be the day taps will be turned off in their location because of a huge drought happening, this is called day 0.

3. They get 50L a day which sounds like a lot, but can’t even get you through 1 normal day.

Questions: 1. Why do droughts happen in the first place?

2. Has day 0 happened yet? Since they said it would be June 4th and it is June 10th.

Understanding: I understand that Cape Town is in need of rain and they get restricted to a very low amount each day.

100WC #41


Prompt: Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge


I was playing a game with my friends where you try to spin around for the longest without falling. We were 20 minutes in, I think my friends were trying to tell me something but I was starting to hallucinate.

I saw a pink sky, a huge amount of daffodils and I felt like I was walking on a bridge. It felt like I was in another world. I do not know if I was unconscious or I was playing games at this point.

I have to sprinkle a little bad though, I stopped spinning and saw barf on my face.

Result: 100 words


Herald Sun Kids – A huge rip in the ground has scientists suggesting Africa is starting to split in two


Facts: 1. Africa may split into 2 in the next millions of years.

2. It broke hospital windows, it flooded entire neighborhoods and it closed off major highways.

3. It has been proven you cannot stop a geological process because it occurs deep in the earths crust. 

Questions: 1. Why are people worried about it if it happens in millions of years?

2. Why did it just start all of a sudden?

Understanding: I understand that in millions of years Africa will possibly split into two.

100 WC #40!




One day, John walked into the woods. He was frightened for his life when he saw a green ball with spikes! It had a face, “What the hell are you?!” asked John. “What do you mean? I am the leader of the world! Since you have disrespected me, I shall make you do community service!” replied the monster.


“Can I stop cleaning?” asked John. “No, not until I tell you to stop!” replied the monster. “Hey! You green ball thingy, you’re under arrest for false judgment in front of a poor little child!” explained a cop.

After that, he never committed a crime again.

Result: 105 words

BTN – Australia’s Population Future


Facts: 1. A baby is born in Australia every 104 seconds, or 1 minute and 44 seconds.

2. By 2050, Melbourne’s population will skyrocket to 8 million people!

3. They need to add 90,000 students to schools in the next 5 years in Canberra alone!

Questions: 1. Won’t it be harder to find jobs if there is more people? 

2. What will the population for the whole country be in 50 years?

Understanding: I understand that Australia is not getting any smaller and many people join the country every year

100 WC #39


Prompt: but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I was at the spc at school setting up the disco for 100’s of people!

“Make sure you put 6 balloons on each side. That’s it!” Said the principal. “Sure I’ll ‘try'” I replied. I went to put 7 balloons on the first side. 5 on the second, 9 on the third side, and finally, 12 balloons on the last side!

The disco came around and as the first song was playing the balloons started to fly away! People got hurt and some even injured! “HEY! I SAID 6 BALLOONS ON EACH SIDE!” angrily screamed the principal. “but I didn’t ‘understand’ the ‘instructions’…” I replied.

Result: 99 words.


(The words with ‘one speech mark’ was indicating I was sarcastic.)

Webinar Reflection


Today we did a session on internet safety and how not to get scammed. It was called Webinar. We learned that if someone asks you for money and it has in it, it most likely to be a scam. We also learned that some ‘friends’ can betray you and scam you by asking for a password or asking about personal information, if you ask your friend if they tried to friend you and they said no, it was most likely a scam.

Some people can pretend to be celebrities and can try to scam you by trying to friend you or giving you a false link. It was said that over $90 million dollars had been scammed out of people last year because they could of used a tactic or they could of given you a fake link.

All these are a sign of scams: >>,, Last Chance!, Hi, (No name), (1)

If you want to avoid scams I advise you to add a firewall or you can try to install an anti virus program, just make sure you look out for these scams!

Herald Sun Kids – People flee as Hawaii’s erupting volcano destroys homes and sends lava, toxic gas into the air


Facts: 1. Hawaii has a volcano going on when at the time this text were written, 26 homes had been destroyed and sadly it is just counting up.

2. On the south side of the volcano an earthquake happened that was so strong, it was the largest one in 43 years, in comparison, that is longer than the time Super Mario Brothers have existed, by 10 years!

3. The lava can reach huge temperatures of 1150 degrees Celsius!  

Questions: 1. Why is it that these happen so randomly?

2. Why did the guy leave a car there to burn in the volcano?

Understanding: I understand that in other places of the world it is harder to live in because things like this happen