100 WC #39

Prompt: but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I was at the spc at school setting up the disco for 100’s of people!

“Make sure you put 6 balloons on each side. That’s it!” Said the principal. “Sure I’ll ‘try'” I replied. I went to put 7 balloons on the first side. 5 on the second, 9 on the third side, and finally, 12 balloons on the last side!

The disco came around and as the first song was playing the balloons started to fly away! People got hurt and some even injured! “HEY! I SAID 6 BALLOONS ON EACH SIDE!” angrily screamed the principal. “but I didn’t ‘understand’ the ‘instructions’…” I replied.

Result: 99 words.


(The words with ‘one speech mark’ was indicating I was sarcastic.)

4 thoughts on “100 WC #39

  1. Stav-this was a great piece!
    I love the way you made it relevant to what we’re doing (with our disco coming up), and created strange and confusing instructions. The consequences seemed weird too!
    Possibly a better convention for indicating sarcasm is using italics (the sideways ‘I’ icon in the toolbar). Putting words in italics indicates emphasis, which is what you want when you are indicating sarcasm. I can show you if you’re not sure. Try it one of your coming entries.
    Well done!

  2. I like how you did it about something that we will have at school soon, but how did the balloons injure people?

  3. Well done on your entry this week Stav. I wonder why the number of balloons was so important?
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  4. Hi Stav!

    I liked your story! It was interesting and I thought you wrote in a quite grown up manner, especially with your use of speech marks (“”). This really helped to make your writing clear and easy to understand.

    It is so easy for instructions to be hard to understand and for this to lead to things going wrong! However, I am wondering, how did the balloons hurt people?

    Keep on writing!
    Ana, Team 100WC, Oxford, England

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