BTN – Let the Electricity Flow


Fact 1: Steven Grey built a wooden frame with 2 strings. 

Fact 2: Steven Grey made a boy go on the machines 2 swings with golden leaves next to him, he charged the board with connected wire, the leaves moved.

Fact 3: The silk rope stopped the electricity move.

Question 1: How long did it take to make the electricity move, the swings and the silk?

Question 2: How did the silk stop it all? 

Wondering: I wonder how Steven had such a creative brain. 

100 WC #21


I walked inside my house, the roof was broken, there where big footsteps on my carpet. Oh wait! That just gave me an idea! Now that I can see the type of footsteps, I can found out who did it!

I went in my car to start driving and for some reason, the car does not move! I check to see what was wrong with the car when all I can do was well, nothing. It was then I started to bang my head on the car wheel when I got a sense of myself, it was a dream all along.

Result: 101 words

Thank You


I would just like to thank you for helping me get to 1,000 pageviews on my blog! This is a big achievement for me and my blog. Lets compare this to 1,000 people, this amount of people could not even fit in a indoor swimming pool! Now I do not think this is a big achievement for you, but it certainly atleast put a smile on my face when I saw it, all I need to say is Thank You.

You have done your part on this journey and so have I.