100WC #16


prompt: but then the flash made me…

I was having fun on a roller coaster with all my friends it was a big roller coaster miles a second! but then the flash made me…

FALL OUT OF MY SEAT I WAS FLYING SO FAR UNTIL I LANDED ON SOME Gra… Oh wait I must have fell on grass but i did not get to finish my sentence! Well now all I could feel was embarrassment why? Well…

2 weeks later

“Welcome to the stupidest people show! Today we have a kid who fell off a roller coaster!”

Yeah, I went on a show being called stupid.

Result: 98 words

100WC #15


prompt: when all of a sudden

I was having fun until all of a sudden.. A CAR EXPLODED!!

I was shocked, it was just crazy. “Are you okay?” I asked the driver, oh wait there was no driver? “Hahaha! I just blew the car up with my awesome dynamite!” Said a random figure. “IT WAS YOU!” said the police arresting me, “NO IT WAS NOT ME! IT WAS THAT OTHER KID WITH THE DYNAMITE! NOT ME!” I replied. “The dynamite remains are next to you.” the police said. It was true, but it was not me

When all of a sudden.. I was put in jail.

Result: 100 WORDS!

100WC #14


I was on a ride by myself, alone. Until the horse came to life! It took off and we were stranded! I jumped off and let my horse take off so I went by myself trying to escape this place, but all I could do was start falling feeling like i was gonna die cause i had nothing with me, wasn’t my fault that I didn’t bring water, I was in a carnival after all! I just let myself drag along the floor I couldn’t feel myself anymore, I felt like I was gonna die!

It was only a dream.

result: 100 WORDS!!