Science Reflection


Ty and I did a project on the Thorny Devil, we did well at the diagram and making our points clear in the adaptations. We also did well on the powerpoint. We did very well on the model and had a good try on our science.

3 interesting facts: 1. The Thorny Devil squirts blood out of its eye! 2. They only grow up to 8 inches tall (20cm). 3. The Thorny Devil only lives in Australia.

2 understandings 1. They like black ants. 2. They are not endangered which is good.

1 wonder 1. Why are they called Thorny Devils?

I learnt that it was hard to work in a group because me and Ty didn’t cooperate very well and it often ended out worse than when it started. I will try to have a better choice next time I need to do something with a partner and make sure I make the right decision.

The Thorny Devil squirts blood out its eye and it lands on the other animal thinking it got hurt then it runs away.

Ty did the science part so I did not learn around that area.

I learned about how me and Ty worked in a group and that the thorny devil is a weird animal.

100WC #13


I was in the grave, they thought i was dead. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!” I SCREAM. No one answered so I was most likely buried.


I was still in this stupid grave I really thought I was dead at this point. “I think a guy is in there!” a random person said. “YES I AM IN HERE GET ME OUT!” I heard them getting a shovel, I was getting out! They dug me out of the grave and I was able to escape! “Thank you, Thank you.” I said very calmly knowing I wasn’t going home as a dead body.


Result: 103 Words