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KEY: Facts Questions Understanding

Now for a serious question. Should students be forced to go to school on their birthday? That’s the question being asked after one principal in Tasmania banned kids from having the day off on their birthday saying it’s not a good enough reason to stay home.

Fact 1: Kids want to take the day off school on their birthday to celebrate the anniversary of their birth.

Fact 2: Some schools state that taking school off cause its their birthday is not a vital reason to stay home.

Fact 3: Kids have mixed opinions of this decision.

Question 1: Why do they need to ban it?

Question 2: What if students are sick on their birthday?

Understanding 1: I understand that teachers have different opinions than children. 

Understanding 2: I understand that different counties have different laws and opinions.

At the end of the day everyone is untitled to their own opinion and can choose what they believe is the best for them.

100WC #7


I was camping out in the woods, logs and trees surrounding my sight, Noises creeping to my ears, but there was this one distraction which caught my attention.

“Hello little ant.” I said to the insect. This particular ant was holding a bubble. “Breath let the air get in.” I think it was the ant until i saw its mouth move, I was sure it was talking to me, I kept listening. “Spend your time wisely, because tomorrow you may not make it out alive.” I was in a state of shock, even an ant has no hope for me.

Result: 100 WORDS!!


Prompt: (Below this writing)

100 WC #6


Prompt: Who are they? Where are they going? What is the setting?

What would it feel like to walk through a wall?


One stormy night I was at home, I saw two men. I asked to myself, “who are they?”

They just stood up quietly I asked them, “What would it feel like to walk through a wall?”

They answered “It would be painful for you little “HUMANS” but for us we are used to it.” They just left, I asked to myself  “Where are they going?” but they were not there to answer. “I think they are aliens.” I said in my head.

You may have asked What is the setting? Answer: The setting is my house.

Anyways see you in the next one!

Result: 103 words