100WC #5


prompt: Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera

I was sitting next to a Beautiful Brown tree, it was a warm day and I was happy because it was playtime. I was sitting next to a tree because I was just chatting with my friends! I was having a good time.

A black camera with hard materiel fell from the sky and I had the PERFECT idea and I hid the camera behind some leaves and made a video of embarrassing one of my other friends as a prank and show it to everyone! it was so funny! But then a teacher caught me and we got in trouble, I was worried.


BTN Anh Do


He’s brother almost died because a pirate threatened to drown his brother in sea.

Anh was born in Vietnam.

He’s dad was a sapper who supplied landmines for anzacs. 

I understand that Ahn Do had to stay in sea for 5 days toget from Vietnam to Australia.

I understand that he is one of Australia’s best comedians.

Is his comedy for kids?

What kind of comedy does he do?

KEY: questions,facts,understanding

BTN Federation Explained


Keys: Facts Questions Understandings

The Aboriginals were not treated right until 1971.

If one of the Dutch people stayed in Australia we could of all have been speaking Dutch right now!

Australia wasn’t considered an actual country until 1901

Why were the white people so racist to the aboriginals? 

Why did men have more power over women back then?

I understand that aboriginals are humans like the rest of us and have their right to be in Australia’s land.

I understand that aboriginals have been in Australia for over 40,000 YEARS!


100WC #4


Prompt: But how can something so tiny…

I was at school doing math, it was a good lesson, until someone threw a little thing at me and it lands on my arm, it was all ok until my arm BLED ALL AROUND AND BLOOD GOES ON THE FLOOR!

B-b-but how could something so tiny make me bleed so much? Then I saw it was my enemy, John who threw a little sharp BLADE at me, the teacher noticed and I told her what happened and good thing she believed me, John went to the principals office and got suspended, and everyone else continued with their day.


100WC #3


prompt: so that’s why I’m last…

I am walking in a park and i see my friends and we play tag. They all did ‘turn around touch the ground’ before i came, “so that’s why I’m last.” I say in a sad voice. I was it I go tag one of my other friends and they tag me back but there are no tag backs but then my friend said tag backs were on.

“Is this why I’m last? To get humiliated in front of all my friends?” I say in my thoughts, but then I remembered it was just a game and kept on playing.

100 WC #2


I was at a tree, nothing in sight except grass the tree and well, me! I was also reading a book.

But then, But Then, BUT THEN! A TREE CAME OUT AND GRABBED ME UNDERGROUND!! Then I found a shiny, silver and steel shovel! I dug my way to the normal land and the hand became slow, I had enough time to escape! But then, But Then, BUT THEN THE HAND BECAME FASTER AND FASTER I DUG FASTER THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD EVER DO!

Then I eventually found my way out and thanked the shovel for saving my life!

And I lived happily ever after.

History homework #2


They had a hospital prison that made people die.

They were really strict with the laws back then.

you could be hung, transported or go to prison for doing crimes.

I understand back then they were tough times.

I understand that lots of laws stayed till this day.

Why would they arrest kid instead of the adult?

How many kids committed crimes back then? 



BTN Homework Week 5 Comparisons


BTN First Fleet: This particular BTN was about how the First Fleet and how harsh the English were.

At England you could get hanged from STEALING and most of the kids on the first fleet died due to sickness.

The English tried to take over Australia and claim it as their own place even though the Aboriginals were settled their for thousands of years. In the end we all have our peace.

Similarities: The English try to settle at Australia as Their home even though the Aboriginals settled there first thousands of years ago.


The Encounter: The Aboriginals were trying to keep their peace and try to stop the English from taking over their home.

The English are trying to keep the spot as their place.

The Encounter (BTN Homework)


I understand that it was tough back at those times

I understand that they didn’t know about the white people and thought they were ‘The Ghost People’

I understood that the Aboriginals were angry about white people taking over

How did the girl not know what a cow was if she was around wild life her whole life?

How did they make all the base with wood and animal fur?

The Aboriginals came to Australia and settle there around 40000 years ago!

The white people came to Australia 229 years ago

Key: Facts Questions Understandings

Link: http://www.myplace.edu.au/teaching_activities/1878_-_before_time/1788/1/the_encounter.html

BTN First Fleet


I understand that the people on the first fleet were not treated very well

I understand that the people found new land by trying to just transport convicts

I understand that they traveled all the way from England to Australia on just BOATS!

Why would you get hung just for stealing?

Why were they so harsh back in the 1780’s?

They found new land by trying to have more space for convicts

They took a WHOLE YEAR to go to find new land by boat

Key: Facts Understanding Questions 

Link: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3934600.htm