Camp 100 WC


We went underwater with snorkels. There were dark and white fish surrounding the sea.And at any moment a rock come right at you and collide with you and you get a damaged head…

THEN YOU DIE!! Oh, i went a bit too far, you might just get a sore head for a couple of hours.

Then we went in a deep dark cage with even more fish i had seen in my life! There were metal bars we used to hold on!

In the end snorkeling was my favorite activity and I was even called a human fish!

And I’m happy for that.

SRC Letter


I would like to be considered for the important role of Student Representative Council 2017.

I believe that I can make a difference by expressing new ideas on how to improve our school, not only for this year, but for many years to come.

Should I be elected, I promise to be a good listener and always be open and honest with each and everyone of you.

Given the opportunity, I will listen to you, my fellow classmates and work hard to have your concerns heard. I would be honored and proud to represent you Libby and all of 5/6A.

Vote Stav!!!

BTN Pokemon Go project


Pokémon Go gets people distracted in everyday life.


Pokémon Go gets a lot of people to walk around in groups.


Pokémon Go kills people by making them play while driving.


Pokémon Go requires real world location.


Pokémon Go can get robbers do kidnap kids with location and lure modules at pokestops.


 Why is Pokémon Go releasing Generation 2 so late?  


Is Pokémon Go still a popular game in this world, or has it died out?


Overall Pokémon Go is a game that is loved by many, but be careful of how and why we use this game for.

Key: Understanding  Facts  Question

My Holidays


To Libby

I have the best family ever! My Mum, My Dad, my Brother (George) and Me!

My Mum: My mum is amazing she took me to the movies on the Holidays and watched a movie called “Sing” and the movie was so great! We also spent almost all of the holidays together!

My Dad: My Dad is the best! On the Holidays we went to the movies (at a different time than going with Mum) and we went to the Arcade. We played lots of amazing games and won lots of tickets!

George: My Brother George is the best brother i could ask for! He was with me the whole time on the holidays and were being cheeky together by playing around and being silly.

Me: I had lots of fun on the holidays. i went to the beach, the arcade, play dates ect. I was relaxing at home a lot on the holidays and doing my hobbies! I played with my cousins a lot of the time and i had a fun time doing it! I had THE BEST HOLIDAYS EVER!!!!!!

My holidays where very fun! I went to the beach with my family and we did lots of swimming, I saw a few of my cousins at the beach and we were playing together all the time! I went to Philip Island for 2 days and I went to Saint Leonard’s for 1 day at Saint Leonard’s we went and saw a shipwreck, It looked so cool!

On Christmas day I spent time with my family at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I saw a couple of my cousins there, and i got lots of presents! at home I also opened presents at home and i liked them!

I got Kinetic Sand, Pokemon toys, ect. Over all Christmas day was very amazing and exiting!

That was my Holidays, hope you enjoyed reading about it!

From Stav