100 WC #28 we were moving very fast when …


I was racing with my friend George. It was a race from the start of the school all the way to the oval.

“I am winning! Beat that!” I brag. “Oh yeah well watch me catch up!” he replied.

We were both moving very fast when we sped through the school and jumped over the ashvelt and we were about to crash at the fence cause we ran so fast.

“Don’t crash! This is it!”

We were about to CRAS-

We blacked out. “I think we learned our lesson to not race.” I say “Yeah lets stick to that.” We Agreed

Result: 101 w0rds

100 WC #27


Stone heads, Stone bodies. Do they mean anything? What is there purpose? Who are they for? THESE ARE ALL THINGS YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT “THE SPIKY STONE HEAD MASSAGE!”

You can use it anywhere since it is portable! You can buy it in Grey, Black, Very Black or Silver! If you feel risky you can buy multiple of them and make a parkour course. If any injuries occur we will give full price for product back but nothing else can be done in this way.

How much is it? $30? $50? $100? NO! You can get it today for the cheap price of $15!



What I want to learn:

I want to learn about writing more professional stories and by the end of the term I want to be able to make my longest story yet. (My longest story was over 1300 words.) I also want to learn about enjoying my reading because at the moment I don’t like doing it.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

I can use the writing process to help with my writing.

I can read about my intrests

How I learn and behave:

I want to be engaged with the work and not act like a couch potato. I want to be kind and helpful to my fellow classmates.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

Put more effort into my work and learning. Be helpful and use the school values to meet my goals.






Response to Ant


My family consists of me, my brother George who is 3 years old, my mum and my dad.

My brother – my brother is a 3 year old named George, he is very funny and likes to play around the house and likes to do silly stuff. I was on summer holidays getting ready for year 3 when he first saw the light of day.

Ever since he has made us all smile almost everyday without exception.

My parents – My mum and dad are really amazing people who can help me with work, my emotions and pretty much every thing i need help with.

On the holidays i went to Phillip island with my family the day after my brother turned 3. It was a good place because where we were staying was a resort we have been to 3 times prior to this trip. It was amazing because i could swim, play, relax and pretty much do whatever i wanted to!

In the future i hope to have a profession of a YouTuber because you make your rules, it is on the internet and you have no schedule! I currently have a Youtube channel named TBD 101.

Hoped you enjoyed reading this and I hope to have a good year in your class!

BTN – Coding School


Code: Red is facts, Blue is Questions and Green is wondering

Fact 1: They are officially the first school in the country to do this by there own. They are fortunate because they get a step up for the future. 

Fact 2: They have 7 official games on the app store for the world to play by the time they uploaded the video, probably have more now since tech is very, well, high tech!

Fact 3: Kids want to use this in the future for becoming there jobs and making a living off of it. Very modern if you ask me!

Question 1: How has the world become so high tech and modern that it is simple enough for kids to use it? 

Question 2: How does the whole thing work and how long does it take? Would people be able to learn about it in days, or does it take many months to do this process?

Wondering: I wonder if all schools will have this in the next few years, if so, will it be at a high cost and will only the wealthy be able to access this?  

100WC #26


Prompt: but where would we hide it all?…

I went to school. It was just a normal fun day, my friend gave me lollies! I took them and after school I went to hide them, But where would I hide it all?… I KNOW! Lets hide it under the beanbag. hopefully no one notices and steals it!


I woke up, it was the weekend! I could not wait to eat all the lollies I got t school yesterday! “Why are these here? THEY ARE MINE NOW!” my brother said. “NOOOOOOOO!” I said as my excitement turned in to disappointment

100WC #25 *Halloween Special*


Prompt: flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

“Wanna go swimming?” One of my friends asked me. “No it is 9:30pm and if we don’t do trick or treating soon we won’t be able to do it tomorrow!” I replied.

We went with a bunch of other people who celebrated Halloween every year for trick or treating. People were dressed up as bright white ghosts, Monsters, Characters and a bunch of other things! We even saw decorations like jack-o-lanterns with a flame on them and spider webs!

At the end of the day it was a successful Halloween and everyone there had lots of fun.

Result: 97 Words




100WC #24


Prompt: as the door slammed, I knew…

It was 3 am and I was sleeping, I woke up to get a glass of water but i did not close the door and no one was awake at that time. I got the glass of water and something seemed off about my room, it was all dirty and messy.

As the door slammed, I knew that a ghost had taken over the house or, something like that. I tried to open the door but… The door was locked! I was creeped out because the next thing I heard was something saying, “Happy Halloween!” But, the door unlocked and I realized my friends pranked me.

Words: 105

100WC #23 *FAKE*


                                                                  THE CRIME REPORTS 

A man’s body was found today. The man’s mother, who positively identified her son, stated that he was last seen leaving their family home 5 days prior to this gruesome discovery.   

   Police have released this photo of the scene, which they are treating as suspicious. 

The mother’s statement is as follows, “this is brutal, who would do such a thing. I am heart broken.” 

Anyone with information should contact crime stoppers or call 000 to help police with their investigation. A reward is available for any information that leads to an arrest. The police are determined to capture the people responsible.