100 WC #54


Prompt: but they were exhausted…


The cat woke them up, they didn’t get up.

The cat kept trying, but they were just exhausted…

The parents got up in a very mad emotion.

The cat felt sad because he felt betrayed by the owners who were supposed to look after him every day.

The day just got worse, mum forgot the food, so the cat was crying in a very angry mood.

The cat fell over, breaking his leg so he has to be in a cast every single day.

The next day was was better, his parents got a letter, Look after your cat or it won’t get better.


Result: 104 words


BTN – Slam Poetry


Fact 1: Slam poetry is kind of like a rap.

Fact 2: Slam poetry is not very selective letting you do many things.

Fact 3: Nearly anyone can do it, just rhyme and do what you want.

Question 1: Why is it so similar to rap?

Question 2: Does slam poetry have the same sound as a rap or only when there is no beat?

Understanding: I understand how Slam Poetry works.

BTN – Humans In Space


Fact 1: Millenia means 1,000’s of years.

Fact 2: Yuri Gagarin, a Russain Astronaut was the first person to go to space on April 12th 1961.

Fact 3: On July 20th 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon, being the first people ever to do so.

Question 1: Why did John F Kennedy want to do things that were hard and not easy?

Question 2: Why was the world made how it was?

Understanding: I understand by Astronauts going to space that it evolves us with knowledge about the Universe.

100 WC #53


Prompt: Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

The man had one dream, It was that gorillas could be architects. He didn’t know why he wanted this but he did. Honestly, he just wanted to see gorillas working with bricks and seeing how they would deal with no yellow bananas. This pretty much left his brain running around all over the place thinking about things like this.

Now it is the year 2194, this year was when robots were taking over. This never stopped gorillas though. They became architects and in the end, the mans dying wish was fulfilled. Why he wanted this, we will never know.

Prompt: 98 words

BTN – Mars Experiments


Fact 1: Nasa put 6 people in a dome to live in for a year to see what life would be like on Mars.

Fact 2: They will have\had no fresh air, fresh food or much privacy.

Fact 3: Mars has no breathable air.

Question 1: Won’t they die from no fresh air or no fresh food?

Question 2: How will people live in Mars if it has no breathable air?

Understanding: I understand Nasa is doing experiments on Mars to see if it is liveable and this is one of the experiments.

100 WC #52


Prompt: I wondered what was behind the door…


One day after school I was walking home. I made it home and just walked to my room.

I was ready to record a video for my YouTube channel but my greenscreen fell down! My parents first set it up when we moved and it never fell until now.

I saw a door behind me and I wondered what was behind the door… So I did what any curious person would do, walk in. I saw a brightly coloured room with a weird clown, but this wasn’t a normal clown. It was a killer clown. I told my parents and we moved the next day.

Result: 105 Words

Space Video Reflection – The Solar System — our home in space


Fact 1: The sun takes up 99.86% of the mass in our solar system.

Fact 2: Venus is one of the brightest things in the solar system.

Fact 3: Jupiter has 67 moons and the Earth only has one in comparison.

Question 1: How do some planets get so many moons and why does the Earth only have 1?

Question 2: How can Mercury be smaller than a moon in Jupiter?

Understanding: I understand everything in our solar system is unique and that things vary from planet to planet.

BTN – Mars Mission


Fact 1: Scientists from NASA successfully got a roving robot named Curiosity onto the surface of Mars.

Fact 2: It took 8 months for Curiosity to get to Mars.

Fact 3: Curiosity took $2.5 billion to get to Mars and if something bad happened they would lose all that money and years of hard work.

Question 1: How would chargers work on Mars?

Question 2: Why are most people mainly studying Mars and not any of the other planets?

Understanding: I understand we have put a lot of effort into studying Mars and how Humans would live there.

Topic Video – Ancient Study Of Astronomy


Fact 1: The ancient Greeks, Babaloyians and the myans all had a part in ancient astronomy 

Fact 2:  Babylon was a day place near modern Baghdad which is in Iraq 

Fact 3:  They used space for the calendar 

Question 1:  Why did the Mayas stuff get burned by Spanish people?

Question 2: Why did they use base 20 instead of base 10?

Understanding: I understand the studies helped them know more about planets and eclipses 

100WC #51


Prompt: it reminded me of a time when…

I was dreaming of a time I went swimming. Everyone was laughing at me because I looked weird with my hair in water and the scar on my arm. It reminded me of a time when… I was preparing hours for my look in the school consert but everyone laughed at me because of how much I looked like a nerd. I woke up thinking, “Wow! I have had some weird flashbacks this morning! I’m just gonna enjoy my day and forget about that.” I get to school and somehow everyone remembers it like it was a flashback of the day or something.

Result: 104 Words