Topic Video – Ancient Study Of Astronomy


Fact 1: The ancient Greeks, Babaloyians and the myans all had a part in ancient astronomy 

Fact 2:  Babylon was a day place near modern Baghdad which is in Iraq 

Fact 3:  They used space for the calendar 

Question 1:  Why did the Mayas stuff get burned by Spanish people?

Question 2: Why did they use base 20 instead of base 10?

Understanding: I understand the studies helped them know more about planets and eclipses 

100WC #51


Prompt: it reminded me of a time when…

I was dreaming of a time I went swimming. Everyone was laughing at me because I looked weird with my hair in water and the scar on my arm. It reminded me of a time when… I was preparing hours for my look in the school consert but everyone laughed at me because of how much I looked like a nerd. I woke up thinking, “Wow! I have had some weird flashbacks this morning! I’m just gonna enjoy my day and forget about that.” I get to school and somehow everyone remembers it like it was a flashback of the day or something.

Result: 104 Words

Term 4 Goals


So far this semester I’ve achieved: Making interesting stories with detail and show not tell, Working more on graphs and Doing better at personal writing.

I have not managed to: Be less distracted, listening more and Asking 1 or 2 questions that are deep and interesting.

During this term I am hoping to: Do the goals I have not achieved, Figurative Language, Inferring, Solar System, Angles, Chance and Maps

100 WC #50


One day, I was bored. I went to my local gym. I saw a new statue, or that was what I thought it was, It was two hands holding a, nail?! Why would this be in a gym area? I thought about it until I realised, it wasn’t a statue. It was a giant stuck under ground!


“Hey! I am stuck, get me out of here!” Says the giant. I walk up to it, I help it. The giant was very heavy so it took awhile to get him out but when I did. I regretted it. He tried to kill me. I survived thankfully.


Result: 105 words

100 WC #49


Prompt: but what color should it be?


He was colorblind. He could only see black and white. One day he got an email, or as he called it, bmail because all he saw on the logo was black. The email wrote, “Are you colorblind? Have you always thought that things were black and white but people have said otherwise? Have you asked the question, but what color should it be? Well if you have get some special glasses to cure your colorblindness!”

He ordered them straight away. He waited, and they came! He tried them on, they worked! He never had to ask but what color should it be? Again.


Result: 103 Words


100 WC #48




I walked up the stairs, I go to my room to do some homework. I was nervous because we had to do an assignment on something I had nearly no idea about, rivers. The best knowledge I had was from the Eminem song named river. I tried for about an hour to get information. I went to take a break to see what my chef had cooked for us to eat.


I COOKED SOME MEAT! “Why is it pink?” I ask. “Don’t ask just eat” replies the chef. I did, the next place I saw was the hospital beds… I was poisoned.


Result: 102 Words

100 WC #47


He was in the war, serving every day to save his country. It was Christmas day. “Oh, a letter from my 5 year old boy, lets see what he wrote.” As he read the contents of the letter, he was aware of the smile on his face…


“POW POW BOOM BOOM!” It was the enemies again, they had been rivals in the war for awhile. One guy was aiming directly at him, he needed to escape. He needed to throw something away so he could run fast enough, he threw out his food. When people say they died for their children, this guy did literally.

result: 104 words

(This is not a true story)

100 WC #46


Prompt: why would I do that?…

One day I got mad because this kid in my class kept telling me to be quiet every time I said a word. “Hey, can I borrow you-” “SHHHHHHHHHHH BE QUIET!” They replied. “You realize you getting mad at me makes the situation worse.” I tell them. “I want to beat you up, Ohh  why would I do that?… BECAUSE YOU KEEP ANNOYING ME!” She chats back. “You are so annoying to me, just stop or else.” I say. “Or else what?” She asks, “Or else nothing, you can just stop annoying me ok?” I ask. “No.” She says.


Result: 99 words

Do All Liquids Contain Water?


To start off, no not all liquids contain water but pretty much all DRINKABLE liquids contain water.
Things like milk and orange juice do contain water because cows drink water and oranges get water from rain so they end up containing water in them.
Also things like lemon squash contain tap water to make it a drink, and things like fanta and sprite have water because they need it for a drink and because the little fruit they put in it contains water.
Some liquids don’t contain water, for example, mercury it is a liquid metal that does not contain water. Metals actually and some other things become liquids by being melted, according to a thread answer in r\askscience “You can melt just about anything. Lava from a volcano is liquid rock.” So yes, to answer your question, many liquid metals do not contain water.
Another thing that has no water is pure oil because pure oil actually does not react well to water so I am pretty sure that wouldn’t contain water either.
Water is in so many liquids because the rain is always around it so it will make the fruit or drink have water in it. Some other liquids have it in them because they are either added, or as in milk, cows drink water.
So in conclusion as I said earlier no, not all liquids contain water and unless you want to drink oil, all drinkable liquids do contain water.